Appointments for oil changes are not necessary but suggested because we have to wait for the oil and filter to be delivered. Most work ie: alignments, inspections, enhanced inspections etc…..are appointments because they take time.

Yes, we do provide free estimates but there is a charge of $75.00 for anything involving computer diagnostics.

Yes we offer buy here pay here. Financing is available. Please inquire when you arrive.

Appointments for Intoxalock are made through Intoxalock not us. Customer has to call Intoxalock for installations, uninstalls, and Calibrations then Intoxalock calls us for availability. Calibrations take 10 minutes an appointment isn’t necessary but the customer needs to call intoxalock so they can send the workorder to the computer so the unit can be calibrated.

Yes we do offer extended warranties. Please speak with your salesperson for more details.

Enhanced Vehicle Safety Inspections. PennDOT completed its work with the “Specialized Vehicle Compliance Advisory Panel” to establish procedures and requirements for the inspection and titling of reconstructed, flood, specially constructed, recovered theft, collectible, modified vehicles and street rods.